Lana Clarkson Gets Fucked

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Lana Clarkson

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This beautiful, long-legged blonde actress has appeared in “Three’s Company”, “Night Court”,”Night Rider”, “The A Team”, “Silk Stocking”, “Who’s the Boss” and a host of other TV series. This led to her being offered the title role in Corman’s cult classic Barbarian Queen (1985). These scenes are from the sequel Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back (1989). On February 3, 2003, she was found shot dead in record producer Phil Spector’s home in Alhambra, California. The start date of his trial has been delayed.

Alyssa Milano Topless Sex Scene

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Alyssa Milano

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We watched cute Italian-American brunette Alyssa Milano grow up as Samantha Micelli on the long-running hit TV show Who’s the Boss, and lucky for us she grew up good—and nude! Once Alyssa hit eighteen, she started taking on sexy roles in movies such as Little Sister, Conflict of Interest, and Double Dragon. Then came Embrace of the Vampire and we finally saw Alyssa Milano nude. The classic vampire flick showed the world that Alyssa was all woman—by showing us her tits, ass, and pussy! Alyssa continued to get naked in movies like Deadly Sins, Poison Ivy 2, Hugo Pool, and Below Utopia before returning to TV to play a witch on Charmed. In 2008 Alyssa finally returned to nudity after an eleven-year absence by exposing her breasts in Pathology.

Jessica Simpson Strips

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Jessica Simpson

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We all know that Jessica Simpson is about as bright as a bag of hammers, so when I heard that she does webcam strip shows for Tony Romo’s pleasure, I could only shake my head in wonderment at her stupidity. It’s great that she uses her assets to keep her man happy, bu one would think that she’d know better when it comes to using the Internet as a mode of communication, especially one that involves stripping down and doing sexy time with your boyfriend. Then again, maybe she’s not as dumb as we all think and this is her plan… keep the world talking about her by showing off what really makes her famous. For all she knows, Tony Romo has all his friends standing around in the background, jerking off to her performance. Or maybe he’s recording it, waiting until the day she goes running back to John Mayer so that he can get his revenge.

Jessica Alba in Bikini at the Beach

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Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba shows off her beach bikini body while splashing around in the waves with husband, entrepreneur Cash Warren, on Saturday afternoon (August 1) in Malibu, Calif. The couple held hands walking in and out of the water and sunbathed with some other friends by the shore. Other pictures include Jessica taking daughter Honor for lunch at the Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood earlier this week.

Farrah Fawcett Topless

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Farrah Fawcett

Watch Farrah Fawcett nude videos

Farrah Fawcett shows her hot body as she lies topless with her nipples standing to attention, no doubt in that state due to being surrounded by a bunch of nude guys. Must’ve been a hell of a job trying not to get an erection knowing that Farrah Fawcett is sprawled in front of you wearing just a thong, and is checking out your goods… To see a larger image click the pic, or for the full size pic of all the Farrah Fawcett nude pics here, plus a ton more, along with her nude movies – not to mention a whole damn stack of celebrities with their clothes off or in their home sex tapes

Heather Graham Gets Fucked Hard

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Heather Graham

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Heather has had no problem baring her muff for the camera. She’s even gone full-frontal nude and had some very graphic fuck scenes in some of her films. I’ll bet she’s a tiger on the casting couch. She has flaunted her innocent good looks and her sizzling body to build a successful career in Hollywood. On the down side, I don’t think that there are any paparazzi pics of Heather Graham’s pussy on the net (like the Britney and Paris and Lohan cunts shots). On the plus side, Heather does show her pussy lips in “Boogie Nights” in the scene where she goes full-frontal.

Christina Aguilera Awesome Cleavage

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Christina Aguilera

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Watch Christina Aguilera nude on pics and in videos, see her like you’ve never seen before. You think she’s innocent pretty daddy’s girl? Oh, lol, what could be further from the truth. You can see her naked and not only that! Paparazzis are on non-stop watch for Christina Aguilera nude divine body just waiting to take shots of Christina Aguilera naked and boy did they catch her naked. She is a giant for a little person. Well little as she might be I like to watch Christina Aguilera nude. She’ll never intimidate anyone with her slender (almost toothpick-like) figure, but her powerful voice and influence have left her head and shoulders above her musical peers. Now you have the chance to see Christina Aguilera naked too! Simply follow links on this site and get to see Christina Aguilera nude


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